course date 7/12/13  – Last course this year! 2 spaces left.

Only small groups of 5 taughtcourse-picture

Dear Mona

I do hope all is well with you? I thought you might like to know that so far no one who has had an interview has had a rejection! It is impressive and two thirds of the Medics have offers. I am sure this is partly due to your excellent help with the preparation. Kind regards as always


Course Outline
10.00: Introduction
What are interviewers looking for?
-Why do you want to do medicine?
-How should you discuss your work experience?

—Coffee Break—

11.30: Interview Technique
-Body language, voice tonality, dress
-Sell yourself without sounding arrogant
-The STAR Technique
-Discussing your personal statement. How to discuss extra-curricular activities, hobbies, gap year etc
-How to discuss articles that you have read.
-Common questions asked at interview: what are they looking for?

—Lunch— (provided) 13.00-13.40

13.40: Ethics
-GMC Good Medical Practice and Duties of a Doctor
-The Four pillars, confidentiality – when should this be broken, competence, consent,
-How to approach any ethical scenario: discussing conflicts between the principles
-The slippery slope argument
-Difficult scenarios and how to practice on your own.
-Topical ethical cases e.g. euthanasia and Kier Stamer/Debby Purdy, Gillick competence, Fraser laws, HFEA,

15.00: Important medical history/knowledge


How does medicine compare to 10/50/100 years ago?

-Scientific advancements, development of medicine
The NHS structure and function
-GP commissioning
-What is meant by ‘privatisation of the NHS and cherry picking?’
-NICE guideline/evidence based medicine
-The multidisciplinary team
—Coffee Break—

END 17.30/18.00
small group of aprox 6 students max

Cost £145

Taught by
-Dr Mona Kooner: GP Master NLP Practitioner and Interviewer/Author -Medical School Interviews The Knowledge

Location – Kingston/Wimbledon South West London