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Liverpool interviews consisted last year of a 15 min -30 min panel interview with two people drawn from academic university staff, GPs and local NHS trusts. You will be tested on your knowledge of medicine, ethics, team work and the Liverpool course. You will probably be asked about your Personal Statement. They will often ask about recent ethical issues in the news so KNOW ABOUT THE LIVERPOOL CARE PATHWAY [see my recent blogs]
Medical students get to live on a University campus [quite rare] which is only ½ a mile away from the city centre. Liverpool is a lively, friendly and inexpensive city to live, work and study in – and was awarded the European City of Culture in 2008.
Liverpool medical school was the first in the UK to adopt a PBL approach to the curriculum and this is now well established into the modern, integrated medicine programme.
The main teaching hospital , the Old Liverpool Royal Infirmary has had £72m invested in it and has state of the art facilities for research


Cardiff holds panel interviews consisting of about 3 interviewers. One person is medically qualified and there may be one medical student who usually does not ask any questions. Usual questions on work experience and Personal Statement are common as are those testing your motivation and knowledge of medical matters.
It is worth knowing that there are slight differences between the Welsh NHS and English NHS – [the Welsh are a little more left wing] there is less privatisation and things such as prescription charges do not exist – prescriptions are free

Why Cardiff?
The course is systems based, mainly traditional with only a little PBL but Cardiff are undertaking a major review – so check.

Cardiff University is one of the Russell Group of Universities and has strong research departments and great facilities. It is one of the largest medical schools in the UK and is rated among the top 10 medical schools in the UK and top 100 world wide.

The Brecon Beacons National Park is a 30 min drive away and there are beautiful beaches nearby. The city has great transport links –M4 , rail and Cardiff International Airport. As the capital of Wales it has many facilities such as theatres and the National Stadium but is small, compact and inexpensive

‘’Cardiff offers a compelling student
experience: Russell Group research
credentials, the full gamut of
traditional undergraduate degree
courses and relatively affordable
living with hot and cold running
nightlife on tap.”
Sunday Times University Guide