junior doctors strike

A majority of the public in England support junior doctors’ strike action so long as they provide emergency care, an Ipsos MORI poll commissioned by BBC Newsnight suggests.
Overall 66% of respondents said they support the strike, and 16% oppose it.
But support drops to 44% if emergency care is not provided.

It is important to remember that the majority of doctors are not junior doctors and will be working. Some people seem to think there will be no doctors working.

Junior doctors will be providing;
Emergency care only for 24 hours from 08:00 today.
A further strike providing only emergency care next Tuesday 26 January
A full walk-out – with junior doctors providing no emergency cover – is set for Wednesday 10 February.

The public answered the Newsnight poll as follows;
Strongly support 41%
Tend to support 25%
Net support 66%
Strongly oppose 8%
Tend to oppose 7%
Net oppose 16%

At present junior doctors still enjoy the good will of the public. However it may only need a few patients to complain of being harmed by the strike for that to change. Fingers crossed that patient safety will be maintained.