Please let me know when other medical schools start interviewing


Birmingham have organised interviews in a MMI format with 6 stations lasting 6 min each and a longer 8 min smple calculation statiion. Last year there was a station assessing your motivation for medicine, communication skills and ability to empathise, an ethical scenario, logical reasoning, scientific understanding and interpreting a scientific problem – data interpretation. Your team working skill have been assessed in the past using role play.

Past questions have included;

Tell me an example when you saw a doctor using good communication skills.

What have you struggled with?What do you think you will struggle with at medical school?

What role have you played in a team?

What are the demands place on doctors?

What makes a good doctor?

What convinced you to do medicine?


Why Birmingham?

Birmingham Medical School is one of the largest and oldest Medical Schools – it takes 320 British students a year. The national student survey showed an impressive 91% satisfaction rate. There is patient involvement even in the first year with community attachments in General Practice from the start. Birmingham is a vibrant multi cultural city with good opportunities to see a variety of diseases such as TB and HIV. There are many cultural opportunities such as theatres and living costs are cheaper compared with London.

Birmingham has a modular systems based programme with patient contact from year one. There is a small amount of PBL but teaching takes place in a variety of styles from lecture-based, seminars, tutorials, laboratory work, clinical practice and bedside demonstrations. Role plays are frequently used [OSCEs]. – check by reading the prospectus