About Dr Mona Kooner

Mona KoonerHi – I am Mona Kooner a GP in South West London and a GP tutor at St Georges Medical School. I have 3 teenage children [I have been made to swear an oath never to mention them again] and enjoy teaching the young, motivated people applying to medical school.


I set up this initially set up this blog to accompany my book  Medical School Interviews The Knowledge. While writing the book I knew I had to address all the areas medical school applicants might get asked questions about. Unfortunately I had no idea of what ‘topical issues’ candidates might get asked about because I cannot predict what might be news.Hence this blog- it also gave me freedom to do an ethical scenario a week and give relatively up to date information on interview formats.

Those of you not applying for medical school who follow this blog. I am really excited by your interest  – thanks!

In true ‘Oscar’ style I would also like to thank my team; my IT department [my teenagers – often  moody so excuse any hitches].

[Medical school interviews the knowledge blog, facebook site and book are part of a not for profit organisation.]   


32 thoughts on “About Dr Mona Kooner”

  1. Lizzie Hill said:

    This is such a good blog!

  2. An amazing blog! I’m hoping to apply to medical school, so going to be using this blog a lot this year! 🙂

  3. Hamza Javed said:

    Hello Dr Mona, thank you so much for this amazing blog, so much helpful information on here. I’ve ordered your book also “the knowledge” after recommendations of friends at school. Keep up the good work! Would love to contact you privately for more help and advice.

  4. Hi Dr Kooner,

    Your blog is amazing and great for aspiring doctors, just wanted to know whether you could shed some light on CBL(case based learning) and what it entails as both cardiff and Liverpool now use it so I just wanted to know how its different from PBL

    • Interesting question. To be honest I am not sure – no one seems to give a clear explanation. If you say something along the lines that it incorporates the best of PBL, namely learning about a medical problem with a specific patient in mind makes it more memorable and relevant but it avoids some of the pitfalls of PBL by also using a wide range of teaching methods such as lectures. In reality all medical school use a mixture of ways of learning. Few if any are entirely lecture based or entirely PBL

  5. Mohandas Kozhippally said:

    Dear Dr Konoor,
    I just went through your blog just 2 days before my son’s interview and particularly about about the ethical scenarios.It was so amazing the way you presented and most of the topics discussed came in interview for discussion.Many many thanks.I look forward to here more about your interview training and I like to by your books as well
    Dr Kozhippally

  6. Hi, Dear Dr Mona,
    Firstly thank you very much for your really helpful site. Please could you let me know that are there any interview course or mock, please?
    I have an interview on 19th March, so I really need your help.
    Thank you very much for your help in advance.
    Kind Regards,

  7. Dear Dr Kooner,
    I’d like to attend your next interview course and would like to have information regarding when it is and what I need to do to book it.

    Many thanks,
    Ameer Khan

  8. Malini Patel said:

    Dear Dr Kooner
    Pls call me regarding my son who has an interview at Birmingham uni for medicine .

  9. This blog is a godsend!!

  10. Hello are you still running interview courses?

  11. Have seen this blog and loved it, definitely recommending it to my daughter, an aspiring medic

  12. when I stumbled across this blog, I’m just wow! I have to know who wrote it, and guess what, it is the same person who wrote the book on my bedstand 🙂

  13. Abdul Basit said:

    Hello Dr Mona,

    I have learned your interview course form one of the medical student.
    May I know that do you still run any medical nterview or UK CAT course. If when it
    would be and what I need to do to book it. Could yoy please let me know.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards,

    A Basit

  14. Nawshin Basit said:

    Hi Dr Kooner,
    I really enjoy your blog and I was wondering whether you still do interview courses in 2017 for the 2018 medicine entry?

  15. Dear Dr Kooner,

    My eldest daughter went to your interview course in 2015 and thought it was excellent.

    My middle daughter is now in the process of applying to Medical Schools.

    Are you running an interview course this year, and if so how can one apply to it?

    Many thanks,

    Pervinder Sanghera

  16. ravi kumar Pinniboyina said:

    Dear Mona,
    I would like to take interview course .
    It would very great ful to you if you can let me know the details .


  17. ravi kumar Pinniboyina said:

    Hi Mona,
    Hope you are doing good.
    Would like to know more details about interview
    Thank you.

    • ravi kumar Pinniboyina said:

      Hi Mona
      I have been waiting for your reply.
      Please let me know when will you start interview course?
      Thank you

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